Baron Wilhelm Godfried, the only man in the world who have had the privilege to drink from bith the Chalice of eternity and the Chalice of Knowledge, is just over a hundred twenty years old. He stands at exactly six feet and eight inches, and is incredibly thin. The man even seems gaunt, and is eternally locked in biologically at the age of twenty five. He was formerly the Kaisar of the Auslands, receiving the nation at the age of twenty when his father was assassinated. However he lost it not a year later when the Imperium invaded, and took his people to the New World as a sign of solidarity towards the nation he so loved. He founded New Kriegburg, his childhood companion, protector, and lifelong friend Krieger Schletz following him as second in command. He resided there in the Wastelands for two decades before everything started up, and since then he has been one of the most powerful and influential men in the world. He finally reclaimed his homeland, and rules both from New and Old Kriegburg. Godfried's sword is in reality one of the great Daemon Lord which was slain hundreds of years ago, a devil locked into a blade for eternity. It was a prize taken by one of his ancestors, and is now an heirloom. He also lost his left arm in a duel, it now being a nearly six-inch-in diameter and incredibly long adamantine metal golem arm, which he often uses in combat to achieve a massive advantage. This arm was recently removed i combat, and he paid for his old one to be regenerated. Godfried is not a man to be trifled with; politically, socially, physically, or mentally.