The Board Edit

"Might doesn't make does."
The Board
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Dexion Prospero Edit

"Cunning, charisma? Sure. Avarice? Depends who you ask."

Dexion is a high-class, international arms dealer. He sells to anyone and everyone, and he sells everything from throwing darts to golem battle suits.

Dexion is the de facto muscle of the Board. Between his weapons and his mercenary corporation, he's got more than enough to help the Board beat down those they can't buy out.

Dexion's personal security is headed up by Jaezon Mendel. Jaezon is an unassuming man when wearing his coat, but his appearance hides the training and equipment he carries. Outfitted with bionics and golem equipment to the impressive extent of Dexion's ability, Jaezon is more machine than man.

Jaezon served in the Imperial Special Forces as an infiltration and interrogation specialist for nearly twenty years before he was wounded deep in enemy territory and left for dead by the Imperials. Dexion found him and had his team bring him back to health, and from that point on, Jaezon was profoundly loyal to Dexion.

Alezander Edit

"Knowledge is power? The pen is mightier than the sword? I think I'm winning."

Alezander's commodity is information. Alezander sells secrets like peddlers sell fruit. He'll sell anything he knows to anyone who wants to know it. For the right price, of course.


Cormack O'Patrick Edit

Seamus "Grey"

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