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These levels apply to melee combat in general, not just swords.

Levels of Swordsmen Edit

Novice Edit

A novice is either learning the basics of swordsmanship, or is one who rarely uses a melee weapon in combat. They are able to handle a blade, but more complex fighting styles elude their grasp.

Example; Mages

Adept Edit

An adept is one who can, at least, hold their own in a fight. They can move, fight, and block, but they're not overly skillful by any means.

Example; Foot soldiers

Journeyman Edit

A journeyman is someone who has dedicated themselves to learning the art of fighting. Some more complex attacks can be performed, and they are able to go on the offensive without being gutted outright.

Example; Veterans, Mercenaries

Expert Edit

Experts have mastered one or more weapons, and dance around the battle. Experts are to be feared with their weapons, and are able to cut through the defenses of those who cross blades with them.

Example; Ranking Officers, Leveled Characters

Master Edit

Masters are unparalleled in their mastery of the blade. They crush their foes without mercy, and engaging them is next to suicide for those less skilled.

Example; Leader Characters, Kalain Dragonbane, Wilhelm Godfried