"This world's seen too much war. It's our duty to lead our nations into a new age of peace, not of war."

Jae Blackblade was a surprising Warlord of Kraetia, having appeared out of nowhere to challenge Ysmir Blackblade for the right, and winning. He was small for a Kraetian, standing at 7 foot 9 inches. He wore only an armless cuirass as armor, preferring to show his tattooed arms as marks of his veterancy in the Kraetian military.

For a Kraetian, Jae was incredibly diplomatic. However, he was not afraid to use Kraetia's military to attempt to bring the world to peace. He accepted refugees from the Old World invasion readily, integrating them into Kraetian culture. He was eventually forcefully displaced by Kalain Dragonbane for his diplomatic policies.