History Told by Man Edit

  • Before known history-
The plains of existence were created by the gods
The gods created the universe
Mankind was created
Mankind was nothing more than barbarians
Mankind learned to tame fire
Metals were discovered
Metals were used
Barbarians created tribes
  • B.C. (Before civilization)
000-500 Tribes turned to cities
500-600 Cities banded into nations
600-750 Nations warred over land, metal, and anything else of value
750-900 Some countries created truces
900-4000 Peace was held
4000-4010 Grey Templars begin establishing Imperium
4010-4014 Grey Templars spread Imperium, taking over all other countries in the Old World
  • C.T. (Civilized times)
4014-4034 Peaceful times under Imperium rule
4034-4035 Revolution has begun in Imperium