In the world of Lasgoul, there are many various herbs and plants that can be used for all sorts of purposes.

Medicinal/Beneficial HerbsEdit

Lucis' Hand - A five-leafed plant with a blueish hue to it. The leaves are filled with a vicous sap. Commonly used by priests and alchemists for healing salves.

Gnome's Toes - A four-leafed plant, brown in color. The leaves are surprisingly hard, almost to the level of rocks. When properly mixed with water, good for aiding sleep.

Arrowshoot - A tall plant with a single bulb at the top that gives it the appearance of an arrow. Green in color. When ground up, can be used to relieve headaches.

Geobold's Eye - A shrub-like plant with a cabbage-like formation of leaves in the center. The leaves make for good spice when added to meat, and can also be used as a base ingredient for healing elixirs.

Elven Melody - A plant that grows at the bottom of fresh water lakes. The liquid inside the leaves can be used to relieve sore throats.

Rehn Reed - A reed that grows in jungles. Red in color. Can be used to improve bloodflow when properly extracted.

Kraetian Ragebirth - A fern-like plant that grows in the deserts of Kraetia. Sand-yellow in color. The roots, when ground up and mixed properly with Geobold's Eye, act like steroids.

Poisonous/Detrimental HerbsEdit

Mortem's Breath - A mushroom that grows in underground caves, purple in color. When properly ground, the fumes that it gives off when burned can cause irritation of the eyes, and damage the lungs if enough is inhaled.

Progan Stone - A moss that can only be found on the shores of Prog. When properly mixed with Rehn Reed, can cause the heart to slow. If it is consumed in a great enough quantity, it will stop the heart. However, it has a distinctively foul taste that is nigh impossible to mask.

Other Uses of BothEdit

Gnome's Toes - When mixed in exact amounts of and with Mortem's Breath and Progan Stone, can cause the taker to go into a coma. Incredibly hard to properly mix.