Background Edit

However, in recent times, a Rhen banished to this hardship took his new title with pride. His first kill after being cast out of society was one of the red jaguars the Rhen consider holy. He then wore the pelt as a sign of his new existence. A former druid, the Rhen discarded his old name and took up the simple moniker of Vraika. Vraika brought about a revolution, preaching about the necessity of violence. Bananas could only get them so far as a food source, plant fibers made poor clothing, and who knew when humans would return to the islands. For these reasons and more, Vraika was able to convince a sizable portion of the Rhen to join his cause.

Fifteen years into his crusade, the green-haired Rhen received powers as one of the marked. Some time after receiving his power, he used it to transport a small group of Rhen as the forerunners for a larger colonization plan. When Vraika entered the portal after them, however, he was never seen again.