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Player Characters Edit

Player characters are the characters that make up the majority of Lasgoul.

Basic Level Edit

Basic level characters are characters that are freshly made. Characters such as this are typically not overly skilled in arcane or melee fighting, but they can still hold their own. Most are either mages or swordsmen, adept at one or the other but not both.

Leveled Characters Edit

Leveled characters are characters that have been around for a while, and have been used in roleplay frequently. Their skills have been sharpened, making them dangerous to engage without some foresight. Spellswords or mage-blades can be found at this level.

Characters may start at this level if permission is granted beforehand.

Veteran Characters Edit

Veteran characters are the oldest, meanest characters Lasgoul has to offer. They're strong, skilled, and have connections throughout the world. They've typically become experts at magic, or have mastered swordsmanship.

Hero Characters Edit

Hero characters are special-use characters that are head and shoulders above most other characters. They're powerful, mastering sword and spell with ease. They're extremely lethal on the battlefield, and crossing blades with them one-on-one is not advised.

Hero characters are made only with special permission from admins, and only for certain circumstances.

Antagonist Characters Edit

Antagonist characters are special-use characters. Being the aggressors and villains in plots, they're typically faced with many heroes to fight, and as such, they are far stronger than even heroes and veterans. They cut down those who oppose them with ease, by spell or by sword.

Antagonist characters are made only with special permission from admins, and only for certain circumstances.

Leader Characters // World-Level NPCs Edit

Leader characters are characters that have risen up to lead the countries of the world. Skill-wise, they're somewhere between heroes and antagonists. Examples of these kind of characters are Kalain Dragonbane and Wilhelm Godfried. They're both personally and politically powerful, shaping the world of Lasgoul as they wish.

World-Level NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are NPCs that are in control of something that distinguishes them. They're typically about on-par with Heroes in terms of power. Examples of these characters are Dexion Prospero and Cormac O'Patrick. They control what is under them, and are used to interact with player characters so the player characters can get access to the NPCs control. Be that weaponry, the criminal underground, or finances.