Gladios is the newest addition to the Council of the Damned, and one of the most powerful Barons next to Godfried.

Baron Gladios Valladian Magnus Edit


Baron Gladios Valladian Magnus in full armor

The Abyssal Edit

Gladios was a stout warrior in the times before the mortal world, serving in the army of the Old Ones as what would be our equivalent of a Staff Sergeant. He was never especially powerful by Abyssal standards, but he was devoted, and a skilled and cunning warrior. When war broke out between the Gods and the Old Ones, he fought until the bitter end, when the Gods sealed off the Abyss. However, Gladios managed to slip into the mortal plain of existence just before it was sealed off, and hid amongst the powerful wyrms of what is now called the New World in order to mask his own power. There he hid for centuries, and when the Age of Man began, he started to slowly build up an army from the wanderers that came to his side of the New World.

The General Edit

Gladios watched the world grow and change for centuries, waiting for the time when he could expand his claim on the lands. He finally chose to invade the other side of the New World, at a time when the Council of the Damned was having turmoil within itself, and still reeling from the Djinn's second invasion. He forced his way through a Dwarven mountain hold, and stormed down into the lands of Baron Dumonte. He proceeded to break his army into two invasion forces, one that conquered down through the Feudal Territory, and another that he lead personally, carving a bloody trench straight through Dumonte's land. After hard fighting to successfully capture Montecourte, Gladios linked his two armies together in the capital of the New Auslands, Godfried's city of Kriegburg. After three days of brutal fighting, with no clear victor in sight, Gladios and Godfried signed a treaty to end the fighting and the war.

The Baron Edit

As a Baron, Gladios rules over a decent sized territory that was carved from the Feudal Lands, from his capital of Mitrongi. Gladios' territory is uniquely distinct from the other kingdoms of the New World in the fact that it's primarily governed by a People's Council, fairly similar to modern democracy. Gladios still holds direct control over the military and the land, but unless he deems it necessary to intervene, he leaves the formation of laws and other government functions to the People's Council.